Asia Willis of the gives Wound a Best Dressed at Bravo Credit.  But we'd rather post a picture of this bird, also at the fete.

The Bravo evolution according to N. Rupersburg for The Detroiter.

Cover of Metrotimes (Ref decked out all in WOUND!!)


Photo: Joe Gall

Model: Nathaniel Loveland

Best of....Featurette in Real Detroit Weekly


Photo: Brad Zeigler

Just wrapped a Q&A and photoshoot for the best new glossy to hit the D, 944.  They're really taking an interest in what makes our city great while providing the balance from the whole metro area and beyond.  The part where I credit kung-fu and Bmx for inspiration got in too late...

Spring/Summer 2010: Poet Warrior Runway

Detroit Institute of Art: Rivera Court

Promotional Pictures by Rich Rice

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Interview with Detroit Fashion Pages.